EVA DOLGYRA - Born and raised in Athens, Greece. Graduated in 2011 from the Glasgow School of Art, with a BA(Hons) in Visual Communication.

Now based in Glasgow, working as a Graphic Designer by day and Freelance Illustrator by night.

My influences cover a wide spectrum both thematically and geographically, with a particular fondness for themes touching on the strange, the bizarre and the imaginary.

Often reflected in my work is my soft spot for traditional printmaking; however I believe there is a right tool for each job and enjoy using my laptop just as much as I do a chisel.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me at evadolgyra@gmail.com




A selection of artwork for my brother’s wedding on the island of Skyros.

The designs were based on traditional Skyrian embroidery, visible throughout the island, whose themes are symbolic and often linked to marriage and the wellbeing of a family.

On this sous-plat there is the couple getting married, surrounded by motifs symbolising prosperity (pomegranate), fertility (rooster), protection (snakes), youth (flowers), longevity (tree of life) and the journey of life (ship).

Our mother being British, the couple requested a nod to the Gaelic side of our family by having our family’s tartan made into ribbon.

In a happy coincidence, while researching the island’s history, I discovered that traditional Skyrian wedding attire includes lots of red and green; perfectly fitting for our family’s Stewart of Atholl tartan!

Decorative illustration and ribbon for wedding guests’ gift bag.