EVA DOLGYRA - Born and raised in Athens, Greece. Graduated in 2011 from the Glasgow School of Art, with a BA(Hons) in Visual Communication.

Now based in Glasgow, working as a Graphic Designer by day and Freelance Illustrator by night.

My influences cover a wide spectrum both thematically and geographically, with a particular fondness for themes touching on the strange, the bizarre and the imaginary.

Often reflected in my work is my soft spot for traditional printmaking; however I believe there is a right tool for each job and enjoy using my laptop just as much as I do a chisel.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me at evadolgyra@gmail.com




Dels Animales de Las Ramblas (The Animals of Las Ramblas)

A quick and fun project, outcome of a uni trip to Barcelona.

Something that surprised me on my visit was the abundance of live animals being sold on the street of Las Ramblas - the likes of birds, iguanas and hamsters to name but a few.

Another - arguably more pleasant - thing that made an impression on me was the various vintage cigarette papers found in charming little antique shops. Their packaging was stunning; various paper weights and textures adorned with illustrations and beautiful typography.

When asked to produce an item insipred by our trip for my course, I put together these packets of mock cigarette papers in the style of the vintage ones I’d seen there. Merging the two aforementioned memories together, each paper depicts an animal that was for sale on Las Ramblas, thus hinting at what appeared to me as the ‘disposable’ nature of the animals at the market. 

Hand-printed using linocuts and individually assembled by hand.